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Specialized Repair Services

At South Jersey Guitar Repair, we stand behind our services 110%. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, as we are dedicated to fast and premium quality service. Throughout the repair process, we will optimize your instrument to ensure the highest possible sound quality and performance. We understand the demanding needs of professional players, students, and even the weekend picker; we will gladly work with your given timeframe to have your instrument repaired as soon as possible.

Setups - We offer a wide variety of setups. Every instrument is setup to your personal playing style. Every setup includes a fretboard cleaning, tuner adjustments, truss rod adjustment, restring, bridge radius, action adjustment, intonation; finally a polishing, and a case cleaning. Your guitar will leave our bench feeling and looking great.

Fret work - We offer many kinds of fretwork, complete refrets to fret dressings. All of our fretwork is finished with a leveling of your frets, a very even and precise crown, and finally a polish to a high mirror gloss. Your guitar has never played so well!

We also offer fretless conversions, with option of epoxy coated fretboards.

Nuts and Saddles - We use the highest quality bone, graphite, fossilized ivory and various synthetic materials. All of our nuts are hand carved, with custom string spacing to meet your instruments needs. We are also an authorized retrofitter of the Buzz Feiten Tuning System. All of our saddles are hand carved to match your guitars radius, and compensated for better intonation.

Electronics - Your options are endless, from new jacks to complete custom rewiring. We have many custom wiring options for every type of instrument, but we can also customize the wiring to your specifications. We stay on the cutting edge of wiring through constant research and development. We also offer wax potting, midi installations, and much more. Look for custom pickups in the up and coming months.

Structural Repairs and Restoration - There a wide variety of repairs we offer. Headstock repair to custom made bridges. We employ many different clamping scenarios and reconstruction techniques. Complete refinishing is also offered from natural to custom colors, and even relicing.

Free Email Newsletter - We provide access to a free email newsletter featuring instrument care tips. This letter will provide you with general information and guidelines regarding the most common problems with stringed instruments. Such topics covered are Humidity & Your Guitar, Heat & Your Guitar, and many others. To sign up for this mailing list, and receive email notifications about guitar care instructions and services click here.

Comments or Suggestions - Here, at South Jersey Guitar Repair, our goal is to provide you with premium quality service. Please feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions.

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